Invitation to Host the 18th Annual CRF Conference 2021

The CRF annual conference is always a highlight of the year for our members.  It is the only time when we all join together, share our experiences and can really learn from each other on new developments and what has worked well within the business registry arena.

Over the years, I am always fascinated by what I learn and hear at our conferences and amazed at how quickly advancements are being made and the diverse nature as to how business registries operate and perform across the world.

The success of each conference, in large, is down to the early planning and thinking that needs to take place in advance so that ideas can start to take shape, allowing ample lead time to work through the detail.

In order for the location of the 2021 conference to be agreed, the CRF executive is currently seeking expressions of interest and or accepting applications from member jurisdictions who would be interested in hosting the annual conference.  All member jurisdictions are eligible to apply.

As a host nation, you will have the opportunity to put together an exciting, interesting and engaging programme and showcase/raise the profile of your registry.

Interested member jurisdictions can find more information via this link Guide to Hosting the Annual Conference with further enquiries made to our secretariat at

I would encourage you if interested to complete the application that can be found at Application to Host a CRF Conference and email your application to  by Friday 28th February 2020.

The executive would like to announce to members our host for 2021 by end of April 2020.

Kind regards,

Rosanne Bell Signature

Rosanne Bell

President of CRF

Executive Director, Registry – Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) to Host CRF 2020

We are delighted to announce that the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) have been selected to host the CRF Annual Conference 2020.

The conference will be held in Kampala the capital of Uganda.

The CRF Executive are working with the URSB on the venue, theme and program of events and will in due course provide additional information.

A firm date is yet to be agreed but we will be aiming to have the conference in either August or September 2020.


Watch this website, follow us on Twitter (@CorpRegForum) or Facebook  for more details.




A refreshed website for the Corporate Registers Forum






Welcome to the newly launched and refreshed Corporate Registers Forum website.  This is the fourth iteration of a website for the CRF since our first meeting in 2003.

This new site contains all the material from the earlier one along with some new features.  These include:

·      The site is mobile friendly and can be accessed from a smart phone or tablet as well as a computer.

·      The site provides the ability for the CRF to host online forms (such as for conference registration) rather than host PDF versions of forms.

·      The site provides for public information along with information available only for members via a log in.

Members of the CRF you receive an automated email from WordPress (the tool used to develop the new website).  It will invite them to login to the new site.  Once logged in, members are able to manage their password.

Logged in members are able to access additional information.

All the information on the upcoming 2019 conference in Macedonia is available from the new site and the conference registration will be available from the site soon.  Details of the hotel options and travel dates are available now.

Please make the time to register on the new site.  If you’ve not received an email you may do so from the CRF Website Access  page.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat.

APCRF Website Screenshot
The original APCRF website circa 2003.


Screenshot of second CRF website.
The second CRF website circa 2006.


Third CRF Website Screenshot
The third CRF website circa 2012 until 2019.




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