International Business Registers Report

Cover page of IBR Report 2019

The 2019 International Business Registers Report has been published.

The report is structured to reflect the diversity of respondents and the joint commitment by the four worldwide registry organisations ASORLAC (Association of Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean), CRF (Corporate Registers Forum), EBRA (European Business Registers Association) and IACA (International Association of Commercial Administrators) in supporting this work on behalf of their members.

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The International Business Registers Survey and Report aims to assist business registers in comparing their own practice and performance with those of other jurisdictions. Benchmarking is one of the best ways to learn valuable lessons from others on how to improve ways of working and overcome challenges. Benchmarking in this context also serves to compare legal systems in different countries, which is critically important since legal systems are the foundation upon which all business registers operate.

The learning opportunity stretches from acquiring basic knowledge about such things as costs and fees in different jurisdictions, to more detailed information about topical issues, such as how business registers combat corporate identity theft and contribute to the international fight against economic crime.

The survey and report have evolved since 2001, growing from a small project involving a few European jurisdictions to a truly global initiative involving the cooperation and collaboration of business registers and individuals all around the world.

The survey and report are the result of the combined effort of a working group, comprising business register experts and statisticians.

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