About CRF

About the Corporate Registers Forum

The Corporate Registers Forum is an association of international corporate registries.

The membership is open to government agencies and their officials responsible for the administration of body corporate registers (a register of companies for example).

The associations’ aim is to provide members with the opportunity to review the latest developments in corporate business registers internationally and exchange experiences and information on the present and future operation of corporate business registration systems. The focus of the initial meetings was in the Asia-Pacific region.

The forum first met in Auckland in 2003 and was hosted by the New Zealand Companies Office. The 2003 meeting was an opportunity for corporate registries from thirteen jurisdictions to meet. The initial name given to this group was the Asia-Pacific Corporate Registries Forum.

A second meeting was hosted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and held in Melbourne, Australia in March 2005. The members present at that meeting voted to adopt the name Corporate Registers Forum.

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At the third meeting held in Hong Kong in 2006 it was agreed that the CRF would be registered under the Hong Kong Business Ordinance as an unincorporated entity.
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