Appointment of Acting Head of the State Tax Service of Azerbaijan

Mr. Orkhan Nazarli has been appointed as the Acting Head of State Tax Service (STS)  of Azerbaijan.  In October 2019, Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan was incorporated into the structure of the Ministry of Economy as State Tax Service.  The STS is responsible for business registrations for Azerbaijan. In May of 2020 the Charter of the State Tax Service (STS) under the Ministry of Economy was endorsed and Mr. Orkhan Nazarli was appointed an Acting Head of STS.

Mr. Nazarli throughout his career held several senior positions in a foreign auditing company and later in civil service. Prior to his latest assignment, he has been serving as an Adviser to Minister of Taxes and Head of Main Department of National Revenues under the Ministry of Taxes.  We welcome Mr Nazarli to the CRF community.


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