3rd April in 2008

2008 Corporate Registers Forum conference in Vancouver

Building upon the success of CRF 2007 (Malaysia/Singapore) and CRF 2006 (Hong Kong), Corporate Registers Forum 2008 brought together registrars from around the globe.

The Corporate Registers Forum is an international not-for-profit organization for administrators of corporate securities registers. CRF provides delegates with the opportunity to review the latest developments in corporate business registers internationally and exchange experiences and information on the present and future operation of corporate business registration systems.

Our theme, Between Friends – Interoperability is represented by the Inukshuk’s message of friendship and collaberation. Wherein each stone may appear separate, together, they form a whole.

Inukshuk, pronounced [in-ook-shook], are stone monuments erected in the image of humans. One of their purposes is to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic.

Each stone is a separate entity. Each supports, and is supported by, the one above and the one below it. No one piece is any more or less important. Its strength lies in its unity.

The stones which make up the Inukshuk are secured through balance. The Inukshuk celebrates the symbol of collaboration. It shows us that by working together, we build success through interoperability.



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