Appointment of Acting Head of the State Tax Service of Azerbaijan

Mr. Orkhan Nazarli has been appointed as the Acting Head of State Tax Service (STS)  of Azerbaijan.  In October 2019, Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan was incorporated into the structure of the Ministry of Economy as State Tax Service.  The STS is responsible for business registrations for Azerbaijan. In May of 2020 the Charter of the State Tax Service (STS) under the Ministry of Economy was endorsed and Mr. Orkhan Nazarli was appointed an Acting Head of STS.

Mr. Nazarli throughout his career held several senior positions in a foreign auditing company and later in civil service. Prior to his latest assignment, he has been serving as an Adviser to Minister of Taxes and Head of Main Department of National Revenues under the Ministry of Taxes.  We welcome Mr Nazarli to the CRF community.


Azerbaijan introduces one-click registration of businesses

Azerbaijan One-Click. The Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan have announced that from the beginning of 2019 a single procedure (including VAT registration and opening a bank account) is needed for LLCs’ with local investments to be state registered online. All procedures that were previously in place have been abolished including the necessity of validation of e-application with electronic signature. As a result, number of procedures has been decreased from 3 to 1; the duration of the procedure was reduced to 20 minutes, while requirement of financial resources, as well as number of documents have been eliminated.  For more read here.


Upcoming forum “Accelerating into a Digital Future: Simplifying Entity Identification for the Digital Age”

CRF members are invited to attend this event hosted by GLEIF.

The future of secure digital identity matters for competitiveness and security in a global and digital economy.  During the forum, GLEIF will discuss about their approach of materializing the benefits of LEI by growing the number of LEIs from 1,4 million currently to 40-50 million in a few years. Attendees will have the chance to engage in discussions with regulators and technology providers about how the LEI could be leveraged to enable straight-through processing, enhance entity identification efficiency, support blockchain and distributed ledger technology in use cases such as data management, client onboarding and trade finance.

The Forum will be held at the Hamilton Hotel Almas/Sphinx on K Conference Center in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, 24 October 2019. from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m.

If interested please kindly register your attendance by 11 Oct via below link:




UNCITRAL’s Legislative Guide on Key Principles of a Business Registry

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Legislative Guide on Key Principles of a Business Registry, is now published both as an e-booklet ( and in hard copy in all six languages of the United Nations: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The Guide, reflects on the idea that simplified, low cost and accessible business registration can play a key role in promoting formalization of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, a high percentage of which still operate in the informal economy.

Drawing on international best practices, the Guide recommends that business registration should be accessible through a single-entry point; simultaneous registration with the business registry and other relevant public authorities (for example, taxation and social security) should be allowed and services should be delivered in the shortest time possible with user procedures easy to follow.

In keeping with this approach, the Guide supports the use of electronic registries (where electronic means any current and emerging technology) and of unique business identifiers, which ensure the unique identity of a business in its interaction with State authorities and private entities, and the establishment of one-stop shops, which are physical or virtual offices that permit simultaneous registration with all authorities involved in business start-up.

If CRF members require any further information on the Guide please contact and


International Business Registers Report 2018

The 2018 International Business Registers Report has been published.

The report is structured to reflect the diversity of respondents and the joint commitment by the four worldwide registry organisations ASORLAC (Association of Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean), CRF (Corporate Registers Forum), ECRF (European Commerce Registers’ Forum) and IACA (International Association of Commercial Administrators) in supporting this work on behalf of their members.

Click to view the International Business Registers Report-2018

Important note for users of the International Business Registers Report. 

We want to make sure the data we publish is relevant to our users. We’re requesting feedback from our users about their opinions of the International Business Register Report.

We want to understand what matters to you, and the impact of the data on you and your work. With your feedback, we can dedicate our resource to develop our survey, analysis and any supporting material.

The outcome of your responses will be taken into consideration, and there may be changes to our next survey and report to be distributed in 2020.

Please consider providing your views and take about 10-15 minutes to respond to the consultation questions.

Here’s the link for the user consultation:


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