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New Zealand Companies Office participates in APEC Meeting (& promotes CRF)

In 2009, APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) adopted an action plan that sought to improve the business environment in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting regulatory reforms that make it cheaper, faster and easier to do business.  The action plan took as a starting point the World Bank’s Doing Business Report initially focusing on 5 priority areas, starting a business, getting credit, enforcing contracts, trading across borders and dealing with construction permits.  Each of the 5 priority areas had assigned a “Champion Economy”.

Senior officials and technical experts from across the Asia-Pacific recently gathered in Beijing to complete an action plan stocktake, review progress and plan for the future.

Michael Brosnahan (CRF Secretariat) of New Zealand Companies Office was invited to attend, to present and moderate a session on Ease of Doing Business and specifically on the Starting a Business indicator which New Zealand is designated a Champion Economy.  As many CRF members are also member economies of APEC, Michael was delighted to present on recent business reforms undertaken in developing economies by the New Zealand Companies Office but also underlined the collective strength and importance of working collaboratively in organizations like the CRF to foster ideas and to share experiences.